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Tips to Save Water While Taking Care of Your Landscape

Tips to Save Water While Taking Care of Your Landscape

Saving water in your landscape doesn’t have to be hard or time-consuming. Most people know that they should save water but few know how to do it effectively and easily. Here are a few suggestions and tips to save water that can help you reduce water waste and help protect the environment and our natural resources.

tips to save water

Tips to Save Water in Home Gardens and Yards

  1. Install an automatic-rain-shutoff device. This may be a bit of an upfront investment for some people but it will more than pay for itself with reduced water use, smaller energy bills, and less waste. These devices attach to your irrigation and will have sensors that measure the level of moisture in the soil and will also detect if it is raining so your irrigation system does not run.
  2. Update the irrigation system to a smart system. These high-tech modern irrigation systems use smart controllers and sensors to control water use. A slightly larger investment it can improve your home’s overall watering efficiency by up to 40%. If you are used to paying high water bills these systems can pay for themselves within a few year’s time.
  3. Upgrade to water-efficient emitters. Great advances have been made in home lawns irrigation and sprinklers. If you have a system that is ten years or older, you may want to consider investing in an upgrade to more efficient emitters that reduce waste and control watering levels and coverage. This way your yard has proper water levels– not too much and not too little.
  4. Eliminate leaks in your hoses and irrigation. According to the EPA, a single 1/32” diameter leak on a hose, emitter or outdoor faucet can waste more than 6,000 gallons of water in a year. This is water that just soaks into the ground or evaporates without doing your yard any good. When it comes to tips to save water, checking for leaks is one of the best steps you can take.
  5. Install your own rain barrel. This is an old practice and is a great way to save water and make the most of every drop that falls. While rain falling on your yard and garden helps things grown, the water that falls on your roof is often wasted as it washes away. Rain barrels make it easy to collect this water and then use it during times of little rain to keep everything green and growing.
  6. Choose drought-tolerant plants. This is one of the great gardening tips to save water and it is one that allows you to still have a beautiful landscape. Many plants, such as white fir, yarrow, yucca, and sage are naturally adapted to thrive in low water conditions. You can also talk to local landscape experts to see what other plants are best for your climate zone.
  7. A thick layer of mulch keeps moisture in the soil. Organic mulches such as wood chips and shredded bark helps lock in water and also adds organic matter over time to keep the soil perfect for your plants. Some mulches are more appropriate than others and will complement your landscape look so it is worth looking for the best options for your unique landscape needs.
  8. Water the soil, not the leaves. On big mistake many homeowners make is that they have their irrigation system set up so it waters the top of the plants. They mistakenly think that all the water that hits the leaves will hit the soil but as much as 1/4 to 1/3 of the water that hits the top of the plants will never get into the soil where it does any good.
  9. Mow high and let the grass grow. Keeping your grass at a height of around2 inches for most species is actually good for it. Moving high and letting your grass grow a bit between mowing will help shade the soil and prevent excessive evaporation. As one of the big tips to save water mowing correctly will help you reduce the amount of water you need to use on your lawn.
  10. Don’t overwater. It sounds simplistic, but more water is wasted through overwatering than for any other reason. Watering so much there are puddle forming, that grass is soggy when you walk on it, and the water is running into the road and on the driveway are all signs you are overdoing it. Adjust the amount you are watering and the time of day you are watering as needed.

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