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Tips for Summer Garden Success

Tips for Summer Garden Success

Warm weather means more time outdoors and the chance to make the yard look good again with great garden ideas for summer color and beauty. When it comes to taking care of the flowers, grass, plants, and trees in your yard, summer garden tips can come in handy. That is why we here at Country Landscape and Supply want to present these tips for summer garden success:

  • Water wisely- all plants need water and some need more than others, especially during the heat of summer. But be smart with how you water- water early morning before the sun comes up or in the evening as the sun sets so the water can be absorbed by the plants before it evaporates in the heat. Also, be careful not to overwater and turn off the sprinklers when it is raining! This is one of the most important of our summer garden tips!
  • Fertilize carefully – fertilized is food for plants and can do wonders for grass and flowers but too much or if used incorrectly it can kill your plants. Only use the recommended amount and be sure that it is going to rain the day you fertilize the lawn or run the sprinklers and water the flower beds after applying. This helps avoid fertilizer burn to your plant’s leaves and stems.
  • Utilize existing structures- when planning your landscape think about the structures you already have – patios, decks, walls, fences, and look for ways to use them in your landscape. Do you really need to buy an expensive trellis or can you turn your fence into a nice display area for your hanging basket and vining plants? Look for ways to work around patios and decks with pots and containers! Working with the existing layout makes your job much easier.
  • Plan accordingly- another one of the must-remember summer garden tips is to have a plan. Don’t just buy some pretty plants and drop them in the ground. Think about the weather sun levels, rain fall, temperature, and other factors that your area get. Make sure your plants are suitable for those conditions. You may love that expensive plant but you will not love all the care it needs if you put a shade loving plant in the sun or a drought intolerant plant in 90-degree temps.
  • Think ahead- similar to our tip above, you also need to think about the long term. What will those flowers and plants look like a few months down the road? If you are planting shrubs and trees think about a few years down the road. Planting trees and shrubs too close to the home can be a major headache a few years from now when they pushing against your roof or walls. Think about how things may look in the future so you are not doing double work later on!

With these great summer garden tips, you can be better prepared to take all of your garden ideas for summer and make them come true!  If you need a helping hand or have questions about how to make your yard the best it can be, call us or come by and see us today. It is easy to see why Country Landscape and Supply is the leader for local summer garden know how!