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Tips for Successful Container Vegetable Gardening

Tips for Successful Container Vegetable Gardening

If you have been wanting to give container gardening a try, or if you have tried and have not found the greatest of success, then read on for some great tips that can make all the difference! Here at Country Landscape and Supply, we are ready to help you find success with your gardens, whether big or small!

Bigger is better.

With container vegetable gardening, the biggest challenge is keeping the right growing environment in such a confined space. Because of the limited depth and volume of soil, things dry out faster than they do in the ground. If you have more soil in the pot, things will not dry out as fast so get the biggest pot that you can use for each of your plants. Also, bigger pots give you space to grow several crops in the same container- mix pot of herbs or a tall bean plant with some trailed strawberries around the edges. Bigger is better and gives you more options!

Plan for watering.

All plants need water and some veggies are water hogs, so it is important that you check your pots at least once a day. In hot summer months, some plants may need to be watered more than once each day. To help keep the soil moist, spread mulch on the top of the soil to help slow down evaporation and to hold water and moisture in the soil. Self-watering pots come with a reservoir that you can keep filled and these can help make water less of a chore, but even when using this type of watering system, you may need to top off the reservoir every day.

Start with herbs.

Herbs are a great place to start practicing your skills at container gardening because they are easy to grow and easy to use to flavor just about every meal you prepare. Just remember that some herbs want warm weather and other prefer cooler, and some need sun while others prefer shade. So make sure you choose the right herbs for your set up, but they are a great way to learn the basics of container gardening before moving on to harder crops like tomatoes.

Move it move it.

The beauty of container grown gardens is that they are portable and can be moved. Set your pots on a garden wagon and move them around to follow the sun as you need. Move them into the house or garage in the cooler weather. Also, you can be free to move the pots easily to make room when friends come over. Vegetables are great fun to grow in containers and they are a good way to get fresh veggies, even when you do not have the space to dig out a traditional garden.

Accept the challenge.

Everybody loves fresh vegetable right off the plant, but they come with a price. They involved a certain investment of work, energy, and time to make them perfect. But if you are up for the challenge, try your favorite veggies and see how good you can do. Get your containers and drill your drainage holes, set up your trellis and cages, get some stakes, grab the plant food, turn over the compost pile, and buy some seeds or starters today and try your hand at container gardening. What have you got to lose? Not much compared to everything you have to gain!

To discover more gardening tips and tricks, contact us today at Country Landscape and Supply!