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Tips For Making the Most of Your Landscaping

Tips For Making the Most of Your Landscaping

We hear the term “landscaping” thrown around a lot and usually it is used more as a catch-all phrase for lawn, garden and property maintenance. However, landscaping also involves a lot more hands on work with design, new planting, watering and fertilizing schedules, and installation. Home landscaping includes both the plants used as well as what is known as hardscapes- the patios, decks, porches, statues, fountains and other hard design elements.  While home design and decor trends to always come and go- outdoor entertaining areas like decks and patios, night time gathering places like a fire ring, or a yard that is easy to get out and enjoy with the kids are always popular and really help boost the value and appeal of a home! If you don’t feel up the challenge of doing it on your own, find a knowledgeable, and experience landscape company with an educated staff who knows the best trends and options for installing and maintaining the perfect landscape for your home.  DIY projects are great and can be a lot of fun, but many times the seemingly small and simple project turns out to be bigger and more involved than originally intended-and this is when you need to call in experts.

Unsure about a new landscape idea?

Many professional landscape projects begin with a consultation, which is where the contractor sits down with the homeowner and begins walking through ideas and thoughts the homeowner had. From here they will determine what will and will not work and then will begin suggesting ballpark figures of the proposed landscaping would cost to install and maintain. A good landscaper provides an itemized list for costs and also offers ideas on maintenance, upkeep, and will offer a sketched out idea of what the finished piece will look like. Some plants might be better suited for one area or region and not be the best for your particular location or set up. You may have seen beautiful flowers on your trip to Virginia but they may not be the best option for your yard in Florida or out in Montana. The right plants in the right location will yield a beautiful landscape that is easy to maintain and is also cost efficient.

Have you thought about the resale value of your home?

One aspect of home landscaping that many people do not consider is how it can impact your home’s curb appeal and resell value. An attractive, elegant, well maintained yard will make people more interested in your home and can add value to your home’s overall value when you finally do sell.  The most important thing to consider for your landscaping is a long-term investment. You may not be interested in selling your home this year or even in three years, but there may come a time when you do want to sell. Taking steps now to make your landscape the best it can be will make it easier to get everything ready when you are ready to sell. Decide what type of landscape looks good and works and that you can easily maintain. Start now and maintain a good landscape and you will be able to get even more out of your home when the time comes to sell.