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Tips For Front Yard Landscaping Designs

Tips For Front Yard Landscaping Designs

How To Transform with Front Yard Landscaping Designs

front yard landscaping ideasSometimes the term “old school” is meant as a compliment. But when it comes to front yard landscaping designs, not so much. An “old school” yard space tends to be predictable and bland, with wasted space.

When going for a fresh, updated look in front yard landscaping ideas, much will depend on how you plan to use it. Will it be an extension of family space or a trim, stunning statement about neighborhood pride? Perhaps some of both, or something entirely different. No matter how you’ll use the space, here are some tips on how to make your front yard a way of welcoming you home, incorporate native plants, complement your house and enhance curb appeal and value.

Think Outside the Box with Front Yard Landscaping Designs

Out of One Large Front Yard, Create Many. You can transform a large, barren or blah front yard into a number of unique spaces. Some can be areas for quiet enjoyment, some for gathering friends and family together. Garden borders, decorative shrubs and ground cover can accent each area and set them apart, even as curving paths offer a sense of connection and continuity. Water features, hardscape artistry and decorative, all-weather screening add delightful flare and interest. If you have trees in the front yard, think about how to incorporate them into the new design. Too many trees can crowd your front yard space and hide your house from view. Choose yard landscaping designs that will lend interest instead of detract from your new front space. Too few, or none at all, can leave you with the feeling of a no-man’s land. If your yard needs new trees, choose those that are native to the Chicago area and northern Illinois for better tree health, longevity and reduced maintenance.

Open Up A Small, Cramped Front Yard. Smaller yards often have precisely the opposite problem of large ones. If your front yard is smaller, open it up by removing shrubs and other plants that may have become overgrown and unmanageable. But don’t succumb to a “scorched earth” policy, and wind up with a yard that’s nothing but a patch of green. Go with yard landscaping designs that use flowering plants and shrubs that enhance your small yard space rather than over- or underwhelms the space. If your front yard is a “city” yard, and really too small to accommodate family use, think about replacing the grass with a lovely ground cover.

Garden It, Don’t Mow It! It may seem surprising, but gardens of almost any variety are more easily maintained that large swaths of “old school” lawn. Properly landscaped flower beds, shrubs and garden features not only reduce the need for mowing, they add instant interest to a lawn that once caused yawns. When looking at yard landscaping designs, choose plants that are native to the Chicago area and northern Illinois to reduce the need for maintenance even more, to say nothing of savings on your utility bill.

The landscape design experts of Country Landscaping have seen every possible kind of yard space and have plenty of front yard landscaping ideas to help you design a front yard that fits your family’s needs, makes you smile on Sunday mornings and enhances the appearance and value of your home. Call us at (630) 257-6800 or use our Contact Page. Our no-pressure professionals will be happy to answer your questions.