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Surviving the Heat With These Summer Planting Tips

Surviving the Heat With These Summer Planting Tips

Whether it is the typical hot Florida weather, the drought conditions of California, or the shifting temperatures of the mid-Atlantic, summer can be one of the roughest seasons for the gardener. Here’s what you need to know to make the most of your garden and to keep it looking its best even with the oppressive summer weather seems to be fighting against you.  Here are some summer planting tips to make gardening in the summer easier and more enjoyable that Country Landscape gardening experts recommend to customers each year:

Avoid cool-season vegetables

In most situations, it is a lesson in futility to try and grow what are traditionally seen as cool-season vegetables in the garden during the hot dry summer. Vegetables like peas, lettuce, spinach, carrots, cabbage and radishes in summer. These cool season crops will end up spending all their energy into developing seed pods and lowers rather than fruits so there is little use in planting them in warm months. Take advantage of the otter weather with warm-season veggies like okra, sweet potatoes, chili peppers, squash, cowpeas, cucumbers, beans, corn and eggplant. Your efforts will be rewarded with delicious fresh veggies if you do.

Avoid water-intense plants

One of the biggest summer planting tips that can help you get the best results from your gardening in the summer months is to be smart with how you water. Many people tend to treat watering as a set it and forget it, especially when you have an automatic sprinkler system. However, this can lead major water wastes. We have all seen the house in the neighbourhood that has the sprinklers going in a rain storm. Water has to be done at the right time on a need to water basis in order to avoid wasting water all season long. Drought-tolerant plants are becoming very popular in warm climate areas because they require less water, fewer watering, and handle the hot weather with more resilience.

Don’t forget about the garden

In many areas of the country, conditions can change in a heartbeat and the changes  can have long lasting impacts on your garden if they are not counter-acted accordingly. Plants can succumb to many hazards during the summer such as pests, drought, overwatering, high winds, and others in just a matter of days. Pay attention to the predicted weather for days ahead to make plans for how to protect your garden. You also need to be out in the garden several times a week to check on your plants and ensure they are growing as they should and so you can catch any invading weeds early and address problems before they get out of hand. There is no set it and forget it with your garden if you want it to survive the summer! At Country Landscape and Supply, we can help take some of this burden off your shoulders with our many care and maintenance plans!

Don’t forget to water deeply

Water is essential for life and this is especially true for the heat of summer; it is important that you water correctly though. When you water you need to soak the ground and water like you really mean it. Water just the surface of the soil will make your garden vulnerable to drying winds and heat and lack of moisture. Water deep into the bottom layers of the soil will ensure your plants have access to moisture even on the hottest days. It is not wasting water to water deep, you actually end up wasting more water with lots of shallow waters than with deeper water because surface watering evaporates easily and is not of much use to the plants. This is one of the most overlooked of the summer planting tips for gardening in the summer, so if you want to have a garden that is the envy of the entire block pay attention to the way you water your garden!

Don’t neglect the lawn

Many of the best gardens and landscapes are those that have a beautiful green lawn accompanying it. Something about a lush green well cared for lawn completes the look of a home but it can be difficult to maintain this look during the summer. Some basic lawn care recommendations include watering during the early morning hours, keeping the grass a little longer between cuts to add shade for the grass root systems, never fertilize when the temperature is expected to get above 90 degrees, and make sure you stay on top of weed control so it does not choke out your lawn.

Never let weeds go to seed

Procrastinate in any area of your garden care and you may or may not lose some of your plants. If you procrastinate with weed control and allow weeds to go to seed you stand the chance of losing your entire garden!  Many weeds thrive in conditions where your garden plants struggle so they have the upper hand and if they get too much of an advantage in their population growth and spread they can choke out an entire flower bed or vegetable patch in no time! This is why you must always stay on top of weed control and opt for a more proactive rather than a reactive method of dealing with weeds in your garden so you can prevent them from going to seed and spreading like wildfire. This is a critical part of the summer planting tips that most people ignore and immediately regret!

Garden help for the summer

These handy summer planting tips will help you keep the upper hand this season as the weather warms and potentially turned a hit hostile towards your garden. Whether you have a vegetable garden, a beautiful landscape, or a lush green lawn, gardening in the summer can be a challenge at times.  For some expert help and guidance give the garden gurus at Country Landscape a call today! Let them show you what summer time fun in the sun looks like for the serious gardener!