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Small Backyard Landscaping Can Be Magical

Small Backyard Landscaping Can Be Magical

Small Backyard Landscaping: Transform A Cramped Space Into A Vamped Space

small backyard landscaping 2Even when your backyard space is limited, updating your landscaping increases your home’s value. Spring is a great time to start. Your yard space may be limited, but the options available for small backyard landscaping aren’t! The space behind your house can become a soothing, small back garden or a cheery place to entertain an intimate circle of friends and family. It can become an open-air extension of your kitchen. The possibilities are endless. Below is just one example of all the ways you can make a big impression with small backyard landscaping.

Bland Back Wall? Wisteria and Other Climbing Varieties Add Magic

Is the back of your house not much more than a big brick box? How about turning that back wall into a climbing garden? The Chicago area is a perfect fit for climbing flora like wisteria, a fragrant floral vine that drapes in lavendar. A fast growing species, it will transform that drab back yard in no time. Aromatic honey suckle, vibrant Nasturtium and feathery Sweet Pea are also great choices. Be sure to consider how much sun your back wall has when deciding what climbing plant to use. The right small backyard landscaping will make you smile for years to come.

Small Backyard Landscaping Can Make Those Small Boundaries “Disappear”

The “disappearing boundary” is a landscaping trick that makes small spaces feel open and airy. Does your wooden backyard fencing make you feel claustrophobic? Paint it a glossy black before planting in front of it, and see how the effect seems to make that fence fade into the background. Your small backyard garden will become a haven.

Be Gone, Lawn!

It’s tempting to think the way to open up a small back space is with a lawn. But, most of the time, all it does is remind you of how tiny and bland your backyard is. Time to embrace what space you have to work with by framing it with floral eye candy. Create colorful perennial beds, stacking pottery towers or even just the right touch of topiary.

Extend Your Kitchen

Sure we’ve all seen those huge, magnificent outdoor kitchens created on the TV landscape shows. But the more intimate versions are just as eye catching. In this case, the small back garden is used to showcase a charming, just-right size patio and grilling area that becomes the center of attention for entertaining close friends and family. Borrow from a bit here and a bit there from the ideas outlined above, and see how the right small backyard landscaping will turn that tiny space from cramped and unused to cherished and delightful.

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