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Scale, Placement, and Size- Why it All Matters in Spring Landscaping

Scale, Placement, and Size- Why it All Matters in Spring Landscaping

For many homeowners designing their landscape is like creating a story that uses lines, shapes, proportion, colors, placement, textures and scale to tell the final tale. It’s a story of landscaping, and it is something that can make your home look and feel more inviting and increase your home’s value if it is done correctly. Many homeowners look at the plants they choose for their landscape as the pieces of art in their design but this is not how it should be. Your home should be the centerpiece and the landscape should complement it, not draw attention away from it. The way you design your landscape says a lot about you and your family and your lifestyle and here at Country Landscape we are committed to helping you find the look that is right for you and your home. As you are getting ready for spring landscape work to begin, think about what you want and need from your landscape and how you can get it. Consider some of the helpful spring landscaping tips for better designs that you will discover here; read on and enjoy!

Getting Ready for Spring Landscaping

Simple and natural are two terms that are thrown around a lot when it comes to landscape design so it is important to know what is meant by these terms as we use them. Simple designs usually only have a few different types of plants and use a limited number of elements within the design. They are often heavy on the greenery with only a few selected splashes of color to brighten things up a little. Simple designs also are easier to care for and fit with a home’s style much easier than a complicated design. Likewise, a natural landscape is one that utilizes native plants best suited for the area’s environment and weather. It can also be a springtime design that incorporates plants and flowers that are currently blooming in that season to generate an instant easy landscape look for the home.

Whether you are going for simple or complex, natural or a more planned look, there are certain tips that apply. As you work on getting ready for spring landscaping projects you may have lined up consider how you want the final design to look. One of the best landscaping tips for better designs that a homeowner can follow is to do what is easy and enjoyable. A huge yard full of 20 different plants and intricate beds and nooks may look amazing but are you ready to commit to the care and upkeep of such a yard? As you figure out what you want and where you want it, remember the basics of landscape design: Clusters, sweeps, and groupings are an idea, work in groups of three and odd numbers, and avoid single row straight lines. Even in a symmetrical design that mirrors one side to the other use odd numbers on each side when possible- it is more visually pleasing to the eyes.

A handy tip to make your design planning easier, think about how watering will be talked. Chances are you are using a hose to hand water beds so make sure your beds are designed so there is minimal hose dragging and tracking back and forth all around the yard to water everything. If you use a hose sprinkler attachment keep the same thing in mind so you are not moving it around 10 times just to get everything watered during the dry spells. And for homeowners that have automatic sprinkler systems be mindful of where the heads are and how the spray to make sure your beds are designed and laid out to best accommodate the sprinkler patterns. The best landscapes we make for our customers here at Country Landscape are ones that are a joy to look at and require the least amount of work possible to keep them looking great.

landscape designs in the spring

 Spring Landscapes Take Work

There is a lot that is involved with getting ready for spring landscaping time and if you enjoy being out in the garden and yard working, then this part of the process is no problem. But for many, it is the upkeep and work each week that starts to wear them down over time. A good landscaping tip for better designs is to think about what the landscape will look like months down the road and if your lifestyle and personal schedule will allow you to keep investing the required time into the care and upkeep of your design. If you think time will be an issue go simple, go basic, and go smaller.  This would be a good time to introduce the concept of scale and proportion. Keep your flower beds and plant groupings in line with the size of your home. The bed design is key here because you have to consider what your home looks like when it is viewed from the yard and across the street by others. Tall 2 story homes will not look good with a row of azaleas under the ground story windows and nothing else- that may work for a small home but not a larger one. Taller homes do well with thick beds and curved lines for flower beds and some kind of height added in such as taller shrubs or trees around the doorway or at the corners of the home.

The next thing to think about after the layout and flow of the beds and groupings are determined is the plants that you want to use.  These plants will be the stars of the garden, and you need to make your plant choices carefully so it complements the look and feel of your home. You need to keep in mind how tall and wide they will grow and what they final mature size and spread will be. Choose plants that will fit the spaces you have available for them and be careful about spacing and allowing for future growth so you do not put plants too close together or too close to the home. Many people worry about weeds in their landscape but the real definition of a weed is any plant that is out of place- so a magnolia tree can be a weed if it is too close to the home and the best-looking flower bed will seem like a bed of weeds if the plants used are not suited for the environment and location.

As the cold weather begins to fade away and warmer weather and the bright sun takes its place, many homeowners are getting ready for spring landscaping to begin. We here at Country Landscaping hope you have found these landscaping tips for better designs to be a great starting place for your grand gardening adventures.

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There is so much more that could be said- landscaping and gardening are such deep, rich and complex passions for so many and it is next to impossible to touch on everything in one post or even in one season of design. Garden design is much like any good sports event- there’s a lot more happening under the surface that all has to come together to reach your goal. So, enjoy the experience of getting ready for spring landscaping and look for ways you can implement these landscaping tips for better designs in your own yard this season. Happy landscaping from those of us at Country Landscaping!