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Quick Guide to Flower Beds

Quick Guide to Flower Beds

With the warmer weather comes the time of year that homeowners everywhere start dressing up their yard with colorful flowers. But how do you get those beautiful mounds of flowers looking just right? When it comes to flower beds for summer time gardens, Country Landscape and Supply has the experience you need and the plants you want for your home’s flower beds! To get started off on the right foot this season, consider these tips from our local garden experts:

Think About Color Carefully

It is usually a good idea to limit the color pallet for smaller flower beds to 3-4 colors so the beds do not look too muddled and disorganized. You can choose to create a rainbow effect in larger beds that have more space by using flowers of many different colors. But even with a multi-colored palette you still need to clump colors together and create some sort of pattern and rhyme to the layout or it will look like a chaotic mess. You’re much safer choosing the hardy plants that we are familiar with and choosing compatible colors with a variety of textures and shapes to generate a colorful and attractive flower bed for summer time!


Use a Variety of Plants

Flower beds can have more than just flowers- you just want flowers to be the main focal point of the bed. Mimic the surrounding landscape, so the flower beds look like the belong rather than looking like they were just plopped in from out of nowhere. Mix in foliage plants with flowers, include small and large leaf plants, and consider the seasons too if you live in an area with a long growing season so you can have beautiful blooms for longer! Our local garden experts here at Country Landscape and Supply can help you with any of your needs when it comes to designing flower beds for summer or taking care of the rest of your yard so call us or stop by today!

Vary Plant Height

Consider the size of your plants as well as the shape when planting your flower beds. Taller plants need to go towards the back and are best suited for the row along the house, wall, fence, or other item that serves as the backdrop of your flower bed. Smaller plants need to be towards the front so they can be seen.  Bushy plants do well in the back to the middle if they are tall enough and smaller plants are often good upfront or tucked into the corners and gaps to keep the beds full.  Also, consider how much your plants will grow.  You don’t want them crammed together right away because they will need room to grow but you also don’t want to be 4 months into the season and still have 6 inches between all of your plants. Planning ahead is important and considering your plant choice is something we can help with!

Contact Country Landscape and Supply

Finish off your flower beds for summer with mulch and any hardscape accents you wish. Invite your friends and family over and enjoy the beautiful area you have created.  If you need help or want ideas and more tips for the summer gardening bug that is starting to bite you and your family, come over and see us today at Country Landscape and Supply. We are proud to be your local garden experts and are here to help you with any phase of your landscape- from designing to plant selection, and installing to daily care. We invite you to come by and see us or call us today!