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Protecting Your Trees From Cold Damage

Protecting Your Trees From Cold Damage

Many homeowners experience a deal of confusion when it comes to how to go about preparing their landscape trees for the cold weather. While this is the farthest thing from their mind in the summer time, cold weather comes quickly in many areas and it is important to understand in the ins and out of preparing your trees for cold weather. Some plants just need a little extra help to get through the winter unscathed. Protecting your trees for cold damage is easy when you know the steps to follows, and here at Country Landscapes and Supply, we have helped many homeowners ensure their trees make it through the winter months. Here are few things to keep in mind before the cold weather hits:

Tree Disease

The single biggest threat to trees in the winter is not the temperature itself but the rapid rise and fall that often comes with winter storms and warm spells. When trees are damaged by cold they become more susceptible to diseases and many types of tree disease that are caused by winter damage may not fully reveal themselves until a full growing season has come and gone. Thankfully, these diseases can usually be avoided by taking care of your trees all year long and ensuring they are healthy before the cold weather hits.

Tree Injury

Cold weather brings an increased risk for injuries. Quick drops in temperatures or a lot of ups and downs in temperature throughout the weeks can lead to damage caused by cracked bark, broken branches, and injury to the roots and trunk of the tree. Protecting your trees from cold damage during the winter and preparing your trees for cold weather before it hits will help you avoid these issues. A simple way to guard against the damage freezing weather can do to your trees is to keep them pruned and trimmed. It is also advisable to avoid late season maintenance, and use tree covers to protect the trunks against cold weather injury.


Trees naturally have an insulating blanket that helps protect their roots from freezing cold- leaves, dirt, and grass naturally insulates against the cold. For trees in the landscape, the area around the base is usually kept clear because this looks better but it increases the risk for root damage drying freezes. The best way to combat this is to put down a thick layer of mulch. Mulch can be made from wood chips or you can use a thick layer of pine needles or leaves from the yard. Country Landscape and Supply can lay mulch for you so give us a call to learn more!


It may seem like a good idea to keep trees dry in cold weather so the roots do not freeze but this is not always the case. When tree roots dry out they are much more susceptible to damage than if they are healthy and plump with water. To avoid drying out, it is best to keep your trees watered as necessary so long as the ground remains unfrozen. Trees can last a few winter months without water but it is important to give them a chance to get as much water as they can before the ground freeze and water becomes scarce.


The trunks of trees is perhaps the single most susceptible area of the tree, aside from new fresh green growth. One way we recommend to go about protecting your trees from cold damage is to use tree wrapping material as the weather gets colder. You have been preparing your trees for cold weather by taking care of them all year long so you need to continue to protect them against freezing cold temperatures. It not only helps protect against the cold but helps protect against foraging animals such as rabbits or deer that try to eat tree bark during the winter. We sell a variety or tree wraps here at Country Landscape and Supply and can help you find the one that is right for you!

Choosing Your Trees

The final and perhaps the most important factor to consider when it comes to protecting your trees from cold damage is to make sure that you are using the right tree for your environment. You can do everything in your power for preparing your trees for cold weather, but if you have chosen trees that are not suited for your area then you are fighting a losing battle in many cases. The simple truth is certain trees do better in certain climates and may not be the best choice for your home. Palms are difficult to grow in northern climates and usually will not survive winter freezes, even with a lot of care and attention.  We here at Country Landscape and Supply can help you choose the trees that will thrive in your yard so let us help you out from the very start with your landscape needs!

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Winter can be harsh on your trees but with a little preparation and planning your trees can survive and thrive! You put a lot of time and energy and money into your landscape so it is important to take protecting your trees from cold damage seriously, even before the cold weather starts to roll in! If you need help preparing your trees for cold weather or have general questions about your landscape in general, give us a call. We would love to help you out!