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Municipal Landscaping: A Specialty Worth Researching

Municipal Landscaping: A Specialty Worth Researching

Municipal Landscaping Differs From Commercial Landscaping

commercial landscapingMunicipal landscaping may seem just like any other type of business or commercial landscape project, but in fact municipal areas have particular needs that not all commercial landscaping companies are familiar with.

Proper government area landscape planning and management begins with a full understanding of rules and regulations that frequently dictate how municipal landscaping is designed and enacted. Many commercial landscaping companies don’t have the background needed for this. Dealing with experienced landscape management companies saves deadlines, budgets and municipal reputations.

Why Choosing An Expert Municipal Landscaping Company Matters

Professional municipal landscaping companies are experienced not just in all pertinent government regulation, but in ways to manage public landscaping that are environmentally friendly, which leads to budget savings and can boost a municipality’s reputation and working relationship with other government agencies and the public.

Among the ways that expert municipal landscape design and management can work for your city or town is astute and expert soil analysis, knowledgeable native plant selection, the responsible use of chemicals and pesticides, and utilizing environment-friendly sod and mulching. The know-how that makes these selections safe for the public is essential.

Commercial landscaping companies that are qualified for municipalities select plants than need few or, when possible, even no pesticides. They are experts in attractive plants that are resilient and bred to resist diseases. Such landscape plants don’t require chemicals, look terrific, and reduce chemical pollution.

Composting is another hallmark of an expert municipal landscaping company. Incorporating compost into the landscape’s soil is a time-honored technique that is successful with every kind of landscaping. It is particularly advantageous for public spaces, where municipal or government regulations may forbid the use of chemicals. The use of compost drastically reduces reliance on chemical fertilizers while enhancing the landscape’s green factor and health.

Making The Landscape Self-Regulating And Money Saving

Expert site maintenance and design also means municipal landscapes can be self-regulating, with reduced ongoing care. Through proper soil analysis, the professional municipal landscaping company can select the right turf for the right area, assuring lush, beautiful green spaces with reduced maintenance and no need of fertilization that contaminates water or threatens wild life.

The right landscape designer and maintenance company is integral in helping municipal parks and recreation areas set a good example for the public. Encouraging less dependence on toxic chemicals and pesticides, an experienced landscape management firm partners with municipalities in providing the public healthy, inviting areas that attract both longer term residents and businesses. And that boosts municipal revenues.

Small Spaces Matter, Too

The design and maintenance of small municipal spaces says as much about a city or town as their parks and recreational spaces. And here, once again, is where expertise in working with municipalities matter when selecting a commercial landscaping company. Medians and curb designs can be especially challenging unless the landscapers understand which types of grasses, shrubs, trees and plants can thrive in narrow strips, small corner spots or heavy traffic areas.

Don’t Forget The Work-A-Day Spaces

In this day and age, expert landscape maintenance also includes vegetation control. Municipal properties like parking lots, truck lots, or overgrown areas between buildings need to be maintained in order to comply with local regulations and present a healthy municipal image to the public.

More than that, however, overgrown vegetation can aggravate cracking and the deterioration of pavements, walkways and buildings, causing higher repair and maintenance needs down the road. The right municipal landscape maintenance company saves your municipality both money and worry.

Municipal Landscapers: Your Partner In Municipal Health

The right municipal landscaping is a partner in your municipality’s overall health and success. It’s not just about beautification and style, though these elements are essential. It’s about the expression of your city or town’s spirit and vibrancy. When a municipality’s parks, libraries, police and fire stations, schools and seats of local government reflect the community’s pride and integrity, people want to move there. Businesses want to open there. And a vigorous cycle of municipal and public health is maintained for generations to come.

The municipal landscaping experts at Country Landscape and Supply know how to help your city or town design attractive, successful public spaces. Call us at (630) 257-6800 or use our Contact Page. Our no-pressure professionals will be happy to answer your questions.