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Landscaping Can Start in the Fall

Landscaping Can Start in the Fall

landscaping-fall-chicagoFall  has officially gotten its start this week, and that means the time has finally come to transition the lawns and gardens of our homes and get them ready for the cooler weather that is on the way. Time sure flies- it seems like just a few short weeks ago we were Spring cleaning our lawns! Well, the seasons are changing yet again and the time has come for some Fall prep work and planning  so you protect the grass and gardens all throughout the winter.

Seasonal Garden and Law Care Changes

As the seasons change, you should make a change too. The most successful landscapers and the homeowners with the best looking lawns and gardens are those who adapt their planting, watering, and care routines to fit the seasons. What works in the summer will not work in the fall! Some plants grow better in the summer and some grow better in the fall. Water and fertilizing needs are different in the cooler months than in the warmer months. And there is the added task of preparing your lawn and garden for the risk of freezes and really cold weather. So seasonal garden and lawn care is about change and preparations.

Cold Weather Plans and Proper Care

As the cooler weather starts to roll in the time has come to look at changing out your flowers and plants. Cold weather plants are easier to care for and will also look and grow better in the gold weather. Bulbs are a great option for some cool weather planting ideas as they need the exposure to cold temperatures now to grow later. You can also look at using this time to care for your lawn and give it a little TLC. Now is a perfect time to put out the grass seed and fill in those holes and bare areas. You might also want to prepare your trees by removing dead branches and covering the ground around the roots to protect them from freeze damage.

A Touch of Color

Many people think of the warm summer months as being the time for bright colorful garden beds of flowers, but the cooler months can be just as colorful and beautiful too! Inexpensive plants offer a great option for popping in some color for your flower beds and mums, cabbage, pansy, kale, hosta, and millet plants are just some of the options available. You can also add in color by focusing on the trees in your yard-do they change color and drop their leaves? A tree full of gold, red, and purple leaves is a beautiful sight and many people have these colors in their yard already. Another tip is to do your Fall cleaning. Clearing off the the leaves can reveal the natural beauty of your yard and garden. Leaves look good at first when they change color and fall but if they are left too long they can bring disease and start to look kinda brown and dead. So be sure to stay on top of your yard and garden and keep it looking beautiful all season long with these tips!

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We are proud to offer a great selection of yard and garden care services that can help keep your landscape looking great during the fall and winter months. We can help ensure your grass stays looking the best it possibly can and that your garden flower beds stay full and beautiful. We do this by taking steps to your garden and lawn is in the best condition it can be now so that it is easier to get things ready before the first snows begin to fall. Our team can also help install new plants into your landscape and will even help with the care and maintenance of your grass and plants all season long. We have experience working with a range of yard and garden sizes and styles so we can give you the look you are after and can give you a landscape that you can be proud of and love! No matter how old your current landscape is or what style your home may be, we can help you and your family enjoy your home even more with a functional, beautiful, and affordable landscape.  Contact us today and get started before the snows begin to fall!