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Landscapes For Small Yards

Landscapes For Small Yards

9 Great Tips About Landscapes for Small Yards

smart landscaping ideasWhen it comes to making our homes look inviting, a nice yard and beautiful landscape can go a long way! However, many homeowners are faced with the challenge of finding the best landscapes for small yards and figuring out how to make the most of every precious square foot. If you are looking for some smart landscaping ideas, Country Landscape and Supply near Chicago have nine proven tips to make small yards magical, look great and work well for a variety of family needs.

If you have a small yard or garden area, you can still make it a nice, attractive landscape that can be used as an outdoor extension of your home. With just a little effort, landscapes for small yards can be places for entertaining friends or enjoying time with the family. Just follow the tips below to help you find the path that is right for you and your yard.

9 Smart Landscaping Ideas in Making the Best Landscapes For Small Yards

  1. Choose the Best Plants

The best planned landscape will fail if you choose plants that do not work well where you put them. Look for slow growing plants, and for trees and shrubs that stay smaller. Think to scale. Keep things easy to maintain so you are not working twice as hard. Trying to keep a shrub that grows to a 5-foot spread confined to an area less than 3 foot wide adds unnecessary labor to tending landscapes for small yards.

  1. Define Key Areas

Most landscapes serve as an outdoor extension of the home; an additional room, of sorts. Make sure you know what you want to use the space for. Define each area you include.  Are you keeping a grassy area for family games? Do you want a small deck or patio area for BBQs and entertaining guests? Where will your flower beds be located? Planning out these key areas in landscapes for small yards will help everything flow and tie in much easier.

  1. Fool the Eye! Go Diagonally

Space in landscapes for small yards is, by definition limited. But there is an easy way to give the illusion of more area. Arranging the yard in a diagonal perspective, rather than a regular horizontal or vertical perspective, really does the trick. Diagonal lines are longer and carry the eye longer, thus giving the illusion of a larger yard. This is a popular trick often used by the pros for smart landscaping ideas in small yards.

  1. Design a Multifunctional Space

Another smart landscaping idea is to use the same area for multiple functions. If you only have room for a small deck or patio, then try to design it so it can be used, for example, for cook outs, star gazing, and relaxing with the family. Planned properly landscapes for small yards can also include layouts with a grassy areas for backyard games, hanging a hammock, or a relaxing sun bathing session.

The ideas and creativity does not have to end here; there are still more ways you can utilize smart landscaping ideas for your small yard. Landscapes for small yards are easier to figure out if you incorporate these ideas as well:

  1. Remove the Clutter

When working with a small area, space is at a premium. So you do not want a lot of stuff cluttering things up. Reduce clutter and think smaller scale. Smaller chairs and seating areas will allow you a place to entertain family and friends without using up all your available area. Also, think about what you need versus what you want. When it comes to landscapes for small yards, using only what is needed in the area will help the space appear larger and less cluttered.

  1. Get Creative With Storage

Try to use items that can also double as storage area. Find tables that have built-in stow away features that you can use on the patio. If you have space for ottomans or footrests, try to use ones that have hidden storage compartments. Landscapes for small yards that use this trick allows you to keep essentials close at hand but still out of sight, and out of the way when not being used.

  1. Create a Mixed Garden

A mixed garden combines, flowers, vegetables, and other elements. This gives you a practical and aesthetic goal for the garden, and also allows homeowners to incorporate more into landscapes for small yards. This is a favorite in smart landscaping ideas for smaller yards! You can change out the plants each season, and you get the added benefit of helping provide food for your family while keeping a beautiful landscape to enjoy whenever you are outside.

  1. Container Gardens

Another smart landscaping idea is to use containers to give your yard the flower-bed feel without taking up all the space that large beds need. Several containers of flowers and foliage placed around the patio, deck, porch, or walk ways gives landscapes for small yards a splash of color, natural beauty, and fragrance without all the space and care requirements that traditional flower beds need. Container gardens are also much easier to care for, especially in areas that have dramatic changes of seasons: from freezing in winter to dry in the summer.

  1. Go Vertical

The final tip for landscapes for small yards is to think vertical rather than just horizontal. Put up a trellis and have some beautiful flowering vines add that splash of color you need. It you have fences or a privacy wall, use that to hang baskets and pots, and take your flowers up into the air. This saves valuable ground space for other things while still giving you the touch of nature that your yard will always benefit from.

Contact Country Landscape & Supply for More Tips

It may take a little extra thought and planning to come up with successful landscapes for small yards, but it can be done. And fun, too! By following the above tips you can incorporate smart landscaping ideas in your yard, and get even more use and enjoyment out of it.

For more help with this and to see what Country Landscape and Supply can do to assist you with your design, installation and maintenance needs, call us at (630) 257-6800. Chicago and the surrounding area have trusted us with their landscaping questions and needs since 1985. We would love to talk with you and help you make the most of your small yard landscape!