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Landscape As Business Brand: How Commercial Landscapers Do It

Landscape As Business Brand: How Commercial Landscapers Do It

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commercial landscapingHow would like your commercial landscaping to become part of your brand? It’s one of the things that commercial landscapers like Country Landscape and Supply do best. Using your business landscaping as part of your branding is an eye-catching way demonstrate to potential clientele what your company can do for them. It presents a professional and attractive face to your customers that let them know what you’re about…and what you’re about is quality.

First order of business is to envision a landscaping plan that sets your property apart from neighboring businesses as well as your competitors.

Water features, hardscaping and ingeniously placed bursts of color vibrancy that follow the seasons will keep your commercial landscaping fresh and eye-catching to potential customers. Topiary that displays your company’s name or attractive, prominent hardscape signage presented among signature plants are just some of the ways to make your landscaping work for you.

The Essentials of Using Landscaping to Punch Up Branding

Colorscaping is an essential part of the plan. It incorporates brilliant, varied planting that is custom designed to represent your business. And making sure that the plants, trees and flowers are distinctive and out of the ordinary keeps your commercial landscaping fresh and lively. Quality commercial landscapers know horticulture inside and out, and just how to make color work distinctively to highlight your brand.

Equally important is the use of trees, plants and flowers that are native to our Illinois climate in general and the Chicago area in particular. Not only does that make economic sense for your company, but it sends the right message to your customers and potential clientele.

Commercial Landscapers Have the Know How

Creative design is just as essential. Working with experienced, accredited commercial landscapers will assure that your design is the most unique and innovative way to make your landscape work for your brand. This includes making sure that your design is the perfect fit for your business’ outdoor space is also critical. Overcrowding or under planting won’t represent your company well. Plant beds should be carefully measured, soil properly tested and the unique condition of your particular site are all indispensable for making sure your commercial landscaping gives you the biggest brand bang for your buck.

To learn more about how Country Landscape and Supply can help you make your business landscaping work for you, call us at (630) 257-6800 or use our Contact Page.