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How to Keep the Best Commercial Landscape Design For Your Property

Commercial property owners have a lot to think about and stay on top of when it comes to property management. Commercial landscape design is a big part of maintaining an attractive property and making a good impression on visitors who come pay you a visit. Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we offer these tips for keeping a good commercial landscape design going:

  1. The Right Plan In Place

Proper planning is essential to having a good commercial landscape design and is key to developing the right look and setting up a design that works. It’s worth the investment, in both the short and long run, to have a good plan in place so you know what you want to do with your commercial landscape design plan. Even skilled landscapers and experts have to develop some kind of plan so they know what they are going to do and what needs to go where- so you need to do the same as well

  1. Match The Building’s Style

A critical aspect of a good commercial landscape design is that it is both beautiful and practical. The idea is to have the landscape design enhance the building and have one complement the other to create a harmonious look. So be sure you consider your build’s style and find a landscape design that fits that overall look. You don’t want a casual look for a law firm and a symmetrical basic design may not be best for other businesses.  So make sure your landscape is appropriate for your business and your building.

  1. commercial landscape hardscapeNatural Flow To The Entrance

Successful designs are all about flow and directing your customers and visitor to your entrance area. Using color, form, and hardscaping is a good way to help direct clientele to the door. When done correctly, commercial landscape design can even positively affect mood and feelings of your visitors. You can also affect the openness of your visitors and make them more welcoming and friendly and likely to do business with you in the long run.

  1. Making Landscaping Relatable

First impressions matter in business and this carries over into your landscape as well. The key is engagement and to help your customers and visitors see you and remember you. The better the engagement, the greater the impression and the more memorable your brand will be in the end. If your landscape is set up in a way that is confusing or difficult to navigate, it can turn people off and make people less likely to visit. So, make sure your landscape is relatable and visitor friendly.

  1. Visibility Of Your Building In The Long Run

The very best commercial landscape design is one that takes plant maturity into consideration throughout the process. It is important to make sure your design lasts and look good a few years down the road. So be sure to think about growth habits, mature size, and life-span of the plants you use in your landscape. You do not want your perfect landscape to get overgrown and ugly too quickly or require too much maintenance to keep it looking great. So, be sure to think ahead for the long term.

  1. Embrace The Seasons Instead Of Fighting Them

Coordinating plant color and keeping variety and flare in mind is key to having a commercial landscape design you can be proud of. Design with plants that offer color and interest points throughout the year and try to have something colorful for every season when everything else is dormant. In the winter months, look for plants that have attractive foliage and have some evergreens in your landscape. In the spring and summer, add color with flowering trees or shrubs. And make sure you choose the right grass for your region.

  1. commercial landscape designMake Lighting Practical And Safe

Lighting is key to making your landscape look great and is essential to make your property safe at night. Good landscape lighting will make your building look better, help your business stand out, and will keep everyone safe as they come and go. Be sure to go with low yet clear wattage that doesn’t cause major glare or eye strain. The overall look an feel of your business can be greatly impacted by the night time lighting you decide to use in your commercial landscape design.

  1. Keeping Maintenance Costs Low

As part of your business, upkeep and maintenance are important points to consider. You will be taking care of your commercial landscape design for the long-term and will need to ensure everything stays looking great. You can save time and money on your maintenance budget when you think ahead. Consider whether you can bring someone in to take care of the landscape or if you have someone on staff who can handle the care and maintenance for you. Professional landscape assistance is usually the best option for business owners.

  1. Keep Your Clientele In Mind

Commercial landscapes are a delicate balance of being professional and inviting at the same time. Keep your design clean and professional to set a good first impression and keep it inviting and welcoming to visitors and guests. This takes time to master and commercial landscape experts can help make it easier. Their expert insight and experience makes it easy to get a commercial landscape design that works for you. No matter how big or small, they can help you get the look that works for your wants and needs.

  1. commercial landscapeXeriscaping Is a Great Option

A xeriscape is a specially designed style of landscape design which needs little irrigation or other maintenance. It’s great for areas without irrigation or for the commercial landscape design that needs to be as low maintenance and care-free as possible. It can be a beautiful and elegant style for your property that is low maintenance, beautiful, and affordable.  So it is worth looking into when you are considering commercial landscape designs for your business needs.

To find out more about commercial landscape design and how you can make the best of it for your business contact us today. Our professional landscape experts can help you get the commercial landscape design that is just right for you!