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How to Design the Perfect Business Landscape

How to Design the Perfect Business Landscape

When it comes to developing the best business landscape plans, several key points must be carefully considered. Here at Country Landscape and Supply, we combine the knowledge of our local landscaping experts and the experiences of our business clients to develop the best designs for commercial properties. Here are some of the key points you will want to remember:

Compliment Building Architecture

It is important to remember that the landscape should enhance the architecture of the building. It should complement the style and design of the business; the landscape should not dominate the architecture. A connection is key!

Show Off the Entrance

A business landscape is about welcoming people, making them feel good, and showing off your business. Make sure the landscape helps visitors find and enter your building and that they enjoy being on your property.

Don’t Forget Seasonal Interest

The best business landscape plans think about how the property will look all year round. Our local landscaping experts can help you design a landscape that offers color and beauty from summer to fall and even into the winter months!

The Property Must be Safe

In winter, you need to make sure the landscape can be maintained to prevent slips and falls and in the spring and summer, you need to be able to keep trees and shrubs pruned back properly so visitors can get around easily.

Think Low Maintenance

While there is no such thing as a zero-maintenance plan, it is very feasible to design a low maintenance landscape plan. Most business landscape plans are more basic and simplistic than residential ones for this very reason.
If you need help with your business landscape plans or finding the right plants for your design, we are here for you!  We invite you to call the local landscaping experts here at Country Landscape and Supply and get started today!