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Hardy Landscape Plants of the Midwest

Hardy Landscape Plants of the Midwest

Homeowners put a lot of work into making sure their homes look good, inside and out. One important part of your home’s curb appeal is the landscape. And while we want the yard to look nice most of us do not want to be spending hours and hours every weekend maintaining it. Making the right local landscape plant choices can save you a lot of time and money and hassle. Here at Country Landscape and Supply, we understand how important it is to choose the right plant for the right area, so we wanted to present you with some of the best landscape plants of the Midwest that you can use in your yard!

Blanket Flower

If you love shades of red or orange, then these flowers are perfect. They thrive in full sun, and have long lasting flowers from summer to late fall. As if this wasn’t enough they are drought tolerant and attract bees and butterflies but no deer!  They’re best in zone 3-11.


Few plants can survive in dry hot shady areas but the perennial hosta plant does just that! They are one of the great landscape plants of the Midwest and have several colorful varieties that add a splash of foliage color to your shady areas. Hostas do best in zones 3-9.


If you love bulbs and are looking for an easy one to grown, the allium or ornamental onions  are the best choices. Their grass life leaves and clumping nature make for nice filler plants in the garden and the long-lasting clusters of flowers add a delicate touch.  Ideal in zones 4-9.


When grown in full sun this ornamental fountain grass offers blue-green foliage in summer that makes a dramatic change to golden or red tones in fall. It’s hardy in sun and low water conditions and is safe from deer, rabbits, grasshoppers and other pests. Best in zones 5-9.


Late-season flowers are hard to come by at times but this plant offers blue flowers that contrast nicely with the vivid red and orange of fall foliage. Varieties can be found that range from 6 inches to 3 feet, and does best in a partial or full sun. Leadwort loves zones 5-9.


There is hardly a garden plant easier to care for than Sedum. For landscape plants of the Midwest, this one is king- it’s drought resistant, loves the sun or part shade, is pest resistant and requires little care and maintenance. It’s a great local landscape plant choice in zones 3-10.


Popular in Midwest gardens because it is one of the longest bloomers if deadheaded properly, coreopsis is a great choice. It comes in shades of yellow, orange, pink, and red. It is not a favorite food of deer and most insects leave it alone too. Perfect for zones 3-9.


Birds, hummingbirds, and butterflies love this plant as do many birds, squirrels, chipmunks, and other animals. The long lasting purple cone blossoms offer a dramatic focal point and is one of the popular landscape plants of the Midwest. It thrives in many gardens in zones 3-9.

Hardy hibiscus

The giant saucer-sized blooms of this hardy plant may be short lived but the plant continuously produces new blooms the entire season so you have plenty of color in your garden. Shades range from pink to red to yellow to purple and more. Ideal in zones 4-9.


The final plant on our list of landscape plants of the Midwest is one that many homeowners use as a local landscape plant choice that can be used as a hedge or as a stand-alone plant.  Growing 4-5 feet tall and being pest free and heat tolerant, it is perfect for zones 4-8.


With this top ten list of landscape plants of the Midwest you can now begin to design a landscape that is both beautiful and easy to care for! If you need help designing your dream yard, choosing plants, caring for your garden, or want to know about more local landscape plant choices then come by and see us!  Or you can visit us online or call us– we here at Country Landscape and supply are ready to help you make your yard the talk of the town, for all of the right reasons!