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Gardening Trends of 2017

Gardening Trends of 2017

Few artistic forms of expression are as creative and such a test of patience as gardening. You can’t speed up the growth of an azalea or dictate how many blooms you will get each year from your daylilies. It is also one of the most creative arts because there is so many opportunities to personalize your yard to be uniquely yours and modeled after your likes and interests and tastes. And yet, tastes do change when it comes to gardening, as can be seen by looking at past gardening crazes such as the African Violet, succulent garden, and hanging basket crazes of decades past. Trends come and go and a person’s individual likes and interests will also change, which is part of the beauty of gardening- it allows for growth and change and additions to be made.  So now here are some of the garden trends of 2017 that we can expect to see this year. So, without further ado, here are some of the perfect gardening tips and ideas for 2017.

Garden Trends of 2017- Natural Materials

A big trend in this day and age is recycling and reclaiming materials to reuse them rather than having them end up in the landfill. Everything from wooden pallets, broken pots, aluminum cans, and many other materials can be reused and turned into planters, dish gardens, and landscape accessory pieces. Many people today love making new things out of old stuff and this is shaping up to be one of the great trends for this year and years to come.

Garden Trends of 2017- Color Blocking

A popular trend in women’s fashion, color blocking makes use of a variety of discrete blocks of colors. It can be used in fashion, interior design, and it’s making a splash in the outdoor areas of the home too. This is one of the newer garden trends of 2017 that is beginning to take off. You can paint a wall and ass a splash of color against it with your choice of plants and it is one of the perfect gardening tips and ideas that more homeowners are using in their designs today. And if there is no wall that you can paint or a fence you can design around for a background, you can always use the ground and throw down a rug, use the grass, or some other surface to act as the canvas for your color blocking.

 Garden Trends of 2017- Hyperlocalism

“Locally sourced” is a popular phrase that is getting thrown around a lot when it comes to produce and products but it can also be applied to gardens and landscapes. Homeowners today are planting more local and endemic plants, not just natives; some locales are known for certain plants and flowers and it makes sense to embrace the local flare.  Even building materials are sourced hyperlocally. Examples of this can be seen in the way South Florida is full of palm trees, how certain res are known for the use of logs and wood, and how terms like country style gardening generate a certain look in a person’s mind.  These are all examples of how garden trends often form around what is easily attainable in a certain area.

Garden Trends of 2017- Lawn Reimagined

Anytime we see pictures of the dream home, it involves a large flat expanse of lawn, meticulously trimmed, perfectly green, and never subjected to lots of foot traffic. This is what the image of the home lawn has been for decades but it is now changing, and many would say for the better. Lawns can still be green and beautiful without sucking up hours of time and resources to keep it that way. Lawns can be smaller and incorporate more plants, flower beds, and hardscapes. Lawns can be used rather than just looked at and admired. So much can be done with lawns if we just change the way we think about them, approach them, and use them. This is one of the great garden trends of 2017 that is challenging old school landscape and design ideas and principles.

Garden Trends of 2017- Old and New Mash-Up

Choosing one style and never straying form it because it is the way it has always been done or it is what you are familiar with is selling yourself short. It is also cutting you off from a range of possibilities that could work very well for you. It used to be frowned upon if someone want to mix styles when it came to their landscape design, but now it’s acceptable. The focus has moved from whether something is modern or traditional anymore but it is more focused on how you combine elements, whether old or new, and how they work together to create a finished look. So, when it comes to landscape designs, one of the perfect gardening tips and ideas of the year is to do what works and looks good with your landscape.

Garden Trends of 2017- Haute Houseplants

Just as some of the fashion trends form the past are reappearing on runways today, an old-school fascination with houseplants is making a comeback in the landscape and gardening world. Potted plants can go a long way in generating a beautiful landscape look for homes that might not have the space for a large garden, or those homes and apartments that do not have yard space at all. Potted plants, dish gardens, flower boxes, and hanging baskets are all great ways to embrace the green thumb and exercise your creativity in your landscape and gardening when outdoor space is at a premium. It is a great way to get a little bit of the great outdoors within your home, no matter how little space you may have. If you are looking for a way to apply some of the perfect gardening tips and ideas of the new year, this is a great place to start!

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