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Five Mistakes With Landscape Design

Five Mistakes With Landscape Design

There are many aspects of landscape design that homeowners need to consider as they work on creating the best lawn and garden layout.  There are many mistakes with a landscape design that people make and it is important to know what the common ones are so they can be avoided. If you need local landscape help, our friendly team here at Country Landscape and Supply is glad to lend a helping hand.  To get started, here are five mistakes homeowners make with their landscapes that you should avoid:

Too Much of One Thing

Balance is key in any landscape design. Too much of one element takes away from the entire design. Too much grass looks drab and stuffy, too many flower beds can look a bit chaotic, and too much hardscape makes the area look lifeless and cold. This is one of the most common mistakes with landscape design!

mistakes with landscape designNot Thinking Ahead

When designing a landscape, it is important to think ahead and consider what the plants and design will look like throughout the seasons as well as a few years down the road.  Small trees grow bigger and flower beds will need to be renewed. Think about the long-term look and effects when you design your home’s landscape.

Being Afraid of Change

Many homeowners have a certain degree of fear when it comes to trying something new. They have always had a large lawn and minimal flower beds so they stay with what they know. It is ok to try new things and to experiment and see what else might work for you! Local landscape help can make this process easier!

Changing Too Often

Just as not changing is one of the mistakes with landscape design some homeowners make, changing things up too often can be bad too. You have to give a new idea or design time to grow in and fill out and go through a few seasons before you make a final decision on whether it works or not. Being hasty can kill a landscape before it has a chance to even get started!

Not Having a Plan

The final example of one of the big mistakes homeowners make is not developing a plan before they begin putting plants in the ground. You would not try to build a house without a plan in place first and you need to treat your landscape design the same way and make sure you have a plan in place– things will run much smoother if you do!