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Easy to Care For Plants for Illinois Landscapes

A landscape is only as good as the plants you choose to place in it. It is important to choose the right plants for Illinois landscapes to avoid wasting time and money and energy trying to keep plants alive that just are not suited for this area. Here are some of the easy to care for plants we recommend to our customers in the Chicago and surrounding areas of Illinois:

Daylily – These beautiful blooming perennial plants are very adaptable and hardy, which makes them perfectly suited for gardens all across the state.

Hosta – If you need beautiful plants in a shady yard the gorgeous leaves and summertime blooms of the hosta make it a popular plant for Illinois landscapes.

Yarrow – This plant is easy to care for and requires little maintenance once established; you get bright flowers and stunning fragrance in return.

Switchgrass – Reaching several feet in height, this ornamental grass is perfect for slopes and areas where other ornamental plants would not thrive.

Hardy geranium – Many homeowners love geraniums but most varieties do not thrive well outdoors, but the hardy geranium is perfect for landscape usage.

Coreopsis – This plant thrives in low moisture high heat and direct sun, making it the go-to plant for landscapes that are not well shaded or irrigated.

Coneflower – Another heat and drought tolerant plant, the coneflower works as a background plant and is one of the plants for Illinois landscapes we recommend.

Aromatic aster – Beautiful blooms in the summer months and attractive foliage the rest of the year are why homeowners love adding this plant into their gardens.

Veronica – This perennial plant is commonly used as a groundcover and features stunning blooms that are a favorite for butterflies and hummingbirds.

Chokeberry- As the name suggests, this shrub produces beautifully colored berries throughout the seasons and also is a shade loving plant.

Boxwood- As a small evergreen, this shrubs is ideal for hedges and accents that do not need a lot of maintenance and that won’t outgrow their space too quickly.

Itea- This beautiful specimen is an under-rated low growing shrub that thrives in sun or shade and is hardy against yard pests like deer and rabbits which is a big plus.

These are just some of the plants for Illinois landscapes that we recommend. To learn more and to get a helping hand with your landscape design, installation, and upkeep, give us a call today. At Country Landscape and Supply we know a thing or two about Illinois plants and landscaping so let us help you get the yard of your dreams this year!  Call now to get started!