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Designing the Landscape for Your Small Yard

Designing the Landscape for Your Small Yard

The landscape of your home is an important part of any home’s appeal as it is one of the first things you see. A good landscape makes a home more welcoming and can even increase your home’s value. However, homes with small lawns often have trouble designing a good landscape, and that is why Country Landscape and Supply wanted to offer these handy tips for small landscape projects.

Find the Right Plants

The key to any landscape but especially a small one is choosing the right plants for your yard. Putting a shrub that will grow to 3-4 feet wide in an area where it only has 2-3 feet to grow may end up creating space issues down the road. You should also consider things like sun, water, temperature, and pruning needs to help you choose the right plants for your yard.

Make the Landscape Usable

All landscapes are used for different things- something just to look nice but usually the family will use the area for other things. For small landscape projects, you need to make sure you have space designed for things like playing games, relaxing in the shade, entertaining guests, or a place to sit and enjoy nature. Small landscapes can be great when they are still usable.

Use Line of Sight

A great way to make the most of the small landscape projects and small spaces is to trick the eye with line of sight. Using diagonal lines and curves will trick the eye into thinking the area is larger than it is. This is one of the steps to designing a good landscape for small yards that we here at Country Landscape and Supply use with our clients on a regular basis.

Declutter and Keep it Simple

Any landscape looks better when it is free from clutter. This includes both the accessories such as patio furniture and lawn decorations as well as the number of plants you use in your design. Sometimes less is more, especially in a small yard. Having 3-4 small trees along the back of the yard can be better than 7 small trees, a bunch of shrubs, and a crowded flower bed.

Consider Container Garden Options

Another popular way to get the most out of small landscape projects is to use containers. A decorative pot with some flowers or a group of dish gardens and hanging baskets can make a small patio area feel warm and be inviting without all the hassle and trouble of a regular landscape design.  This is why containers can be a great asset to designing a good landscape for a small area.

Want Even More Tips?

For more help with small landscape projects and to learn more about what goes into designing a good landscape for a small yard, call us at (630) 257-6800. Our customers have trusted us with their landscaping needs since 1985 and we would love the opportunity to help you with your small yard project. So call us and let us show you the difference quality and excellence makes!