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Commercial Lawn Care From Country Landscape and Supply

Commercial Lawn Care From Country Landscape and Supply

A professionally kept landscape displays a successful and positive image. It keeps your landscaping healthy, maintains the attractiveness of your green spaces and promotes long-run money savings. For the commercial property owner, this means setting a good public face and making a good impression for all your customers and visitors. Commercial lawn care is a big deal and many business owners find they simply have neither the time nor the skill to keep up with their commercial lawn care needs. That is where come in! When you trust your commercial lawn care to Country Landscape and Supply, you are entrusting it to a company that has provided commercial lawn care service and landscape design and construction in the greater Chicago area since 1985.

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Importance of a Nice Looking Lawn

When it comes to maintaining your commercial property, the landscape and lawn go a long way in setting the tone for your business. commercial lawn care is just as important as maintaining your building, your parking area, and your reputation. A beautiful healthy lawn and a great looking landscape will strengthen the appeal of your business and will create a professional and elegant look. After all, would you want to work with a law firm that has a lawn overrun by weeds and pests or a doctor whose lawn area was overgrown and dying? Chances are it would make you stop and at least reconsider your options. So, make sure you are setting a good first impression today and let our team of commercial lawn care experts take care of you! Here are the two main ways a good lawn can be beneficial to your business:

Property Value

There are many factors that go into determining the value of a building or piece of property. Form the structures themselves to the assets they hold, many things can affect what your property is worth. One of those is the state of the land itself. Just as residential property can be worth more when it is well maintained and designed in a way that looks nice, so too can commercial property benefit from a simple yet elegant landscape that features a healthy lawn. It creates a feeling of professionalism and cleanliness that you want for your business. It is also pleasing to the eye and makes visitors and guests feel comfortable and safe. Investing in the best commercial lawn care is the easiest way to make sure you are putting your best foot forward and making a good first impression for your business. Here at Country Landscape and Supply, we can help you protect that investment and keep your commercial property looking it absolute best each and every season.

Environmental Benefits

Turfgrass more than just a way to keep property aesthetically pleasing. In many ways, it can be seen as the key to a beautiful tomorrow. Plants make oxygen and in urban areas where there are not as many trees and wide-open spaces, the grass is a valuable asset to those who love the color green. A thick green lawn helps to protect the environment in several important ways.  It helps to slow down or, in many cases, prevent soil erosion and subsequent stream pollution. Turfgrass can help regulate temperature pollution from things like roads and parking areas. And healthy green grass helps with noise pollution and provides a refuge for animals. More important is the fact that it replenishes the oxygen supply in the air we breathe. The average size lawn, when properly cared for and maintained, can create enough oxygen for 8 people to live off of every day. And finally, grass in our lawns help to filter and clean the air so we have safe air to breathe which keeps us healthier in the long run.

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Tips for Great Commercial Lawns

If you have been debating the value of getting someone to take care of your commercial lawn care needs, our team is ready to go to work for you. Here are some tips for good lawn care practices. And don’t worry, we are more than ready and equipped to handle all of these for you:

Lawn Growth

All plants need the same basic thing to grow- soil, sun, nutrients, and water. Plants make their own food through photosynthesis but they also get nutrients from the soil and water. We can help ensure your lawn gets everything it needs in the right amount to keep it looking healthy and beautiful season in and season out.


Many of our customers ask us why it is important to fertilize grass and what it must be done properly. We fertilize to improve color, density, texture, and uniformity. It is like a vitamin pill to ensure your grass gets what it needs to grow. However, it is important not to overdo it or you can cause more harm than good- which is where we come in and help!


Mowing is an interesting topic when it comes to commercial lawn care practices. It is not natural for grass to stay short so you fight nature every time you mow for the sake of a manicured lawn. This is why it is important to do it correctly. Our lawn care techs know how to mow, how much to cut each time and the techniques that yield the best results.


Water is essential for all life and turfgrass is no exception. You need to water your grass to keep it healthy and strong but you need to make sure you are watering correctly. One deep long watering a day is better than lots of little sprinkles all day long. It is also best to water in the morning rather than during the heat of the day.

Pest Control 

The biggest issues our commercial customers report is their struggle with lawn pests. Fortunately, our lawn care experts are trained to deal with all manner of pests- form insects to diseases to weeds to environmental injuries. We can take care of it all and keep your lawn beautiful and pest free!

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A Full Spectrum Of Commercial Lawn Care Services

Let our team of commercial lawn care experts maintain your lawn and address its unique needs. We can help you get that professional business image you want and need to stand out from the competition. We offer these commercial landscaping maintenance services:

  • full commercial lawn care packages to address any and all needs you may have
  • lawn aeration services to keep grass roots healthy and strong going into the dry season
  • regular mulching and edging around trees and beds to reduce water waste
  • planting and landscape care to keep your lawn and landscape plants looking good
  • trimming of trees and shrubs and regular grass clipping to ensure healthy growth
  • spring and autumn clean up and after storm cleanups to keep your property safe
  • routine pest inspection and control as needed to avoid problems before they start

Call today for a consultation and estimate!

When you are looking for commercial lawn care in Chicago and the surrounding area, there is one name more people call- Country Landscape and Supply.  Call us today for a consultation and estimate. Let us show you what we can do for your property and how our customized lawn care plans can meet all of your wants and needs. Call now and see the difference for yourself!